In Review: Star Wars – Han Solo #3

The Dragon Void race gets more intense…Han's rebel mission gets more deadly! Can the Falcon hold up to one of the most intense flights of its career?

Synopsis: In this issue of ‘Han Solo’ The Dragon Void race gets more intense…Han’s rebel mission gets more deadly! Can the Falcon hold up to one of the most intense flights of its career? What’s worse for Han…failing Leia? Or losing a race?

Review: The cove of this issue is a cool shot of Han at the cockpit of the Falcon and a image of the Falcon in flight just below it. This is an appropriate cover given that the race is well and truly on in this issue.

After having gotten the race started. Han Solo and his first mate Chewbacca have a passenger who is one of the three rebel contacts he has been tasked with picking up.

He also finds an ally in fellow racer Loo Re Anno who seems to have a degree of respect for our favourite smuggler. Despite finding a loophole in the race rules that would allow him to complete his mission without the dangerous race. Han’s competitive spirit and pride gets the batter of him as he decides to race. Only to find that his next pick up is an old friend who we’ll learn more about in the next issue.

Comics writer Marjorie Lui is obviously well acquainted with Han Solo because her take on the dialogue between him and the various characters in this mini arc is spot on. This includes the continued interactions with Chewbacca.

The cover of an intergalactic race to tell the story is also a fun element to this story. Lui could have taken on a more difficult smuggling story with all its complexities, but having opted for a simpler story of a race and a covert mission works really well.

The art work by Mark Brook’s is impression. I loved some of the things he has been doing with the race scenes where much of action takes place. And the colours really pop and give a full on cinematic quality to the story. As far as character likenesses go. They are bang on and consistent throughout.

I really look forward to learning about Han’s old friend in issue 4.


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