In Review: Wild, Wild Westerley

In 'Wild, Wild, Westerly'. The Killjoys return to the ruins of Old Town to hunt eight escaped convicts but soon discover their most dangerous nemesis is the company fixer who issued the warrant.

Synopsis: In ‘Wild, Wild, Westerly’. The Killjoys return to the ruins of Old Town to hunt eight escaped convicts but soon discover their most dangerous nemesis is the company fixer who issued the warrant.

Review: This episode sees the Killjoys returning to their old stomping grounds of Westerley. And it turns out to be that things are not as wild as they once were. Certainly not among the townsfolk.

With D’Avin back in the team. Dutch is feeling a sense of normalcy returning, but this is short lived when she comes up against a new nemesis in the form of company fixer Jelco. Who other than being incredibly smarmy is also a master manipulator and enjoys pushing peoples buttons.

Their mission is to hunt down and catch 8 convicts. But even that is not as straightforward as Dutch and the gang hope for as the hunters become the hunted.

Aside from the great action. Which has become a staple of this show. We get the sense that there is going to be wild times ahead for Dutch and the gang as they become embroiled in helping to sort out a conspiracy within the company and the RAC.

By the close of this story. We learn that Dr. Pawter Simms is now working for the company and it is likely under duress as well. Johnny slips her a little something so she can stay in touch with him and the Killjoys to keep them up to date with the goings on.

D’Avin in particular is more paranoid and distrustful of the company than any of the Killjoys, which is understandable given what he has seen. At the end we see the Killjoys having to make an alliance with an Ex RAC member in order to help uncover the conspiracy within. The same conspiracy, which saw Khlyen carted off to lord knows where last week. We also learn that the facility where all of that happened has know been destroyed.

This was a pretty solid episode insofar as laying out some foundations for this years story arc. I have to admit. I’m a little disappointed that they have put Pree back on tending a bar. The fun chemistry between him and Johnny in last weeks episode was priceless.

Although not as strong of an episode as last week. It be interesting to see how all of this unfolds in the weeks to come. Aside from that. A great guest performance from Pascal Lansdale as Jelco.

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