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Here at ScifiPulse, we love all things science fiction and while TV shows and movies are our forte, there are other areas that we are interested in as well....

Here at ScifiPulse, we love all things science fiction and while TV shows and movies are our forte, there are other areas that we are interested in as well. The gaming industry is the perfect example and you will find hundreds of games with sci-fi themes available to play on a variety of different platforms. This includes board games and video games but for this article, we thought we would take a look at how the science fiction genre has manifested itself in the online casino industry. There are plenty of sci-fi themed games out there for sci-fi fans to enjoy playing.

The genre of science fiction is certainly popular for online slot developers and companies such as Microgaming and NextGen Gaming have created many different games with sci-fi themes. When people think of slot machine games, they might think of old-fashioned pull lever machines that you would find in an airport or bar. However, these days there are hundreds of these games to play online with just a few clicks of your mouse. There are different rules and different styles of play and players can enjoy them for free or for real money so what type of games can you play with science fiction themes?

  1. Transformers: Battle for Cybertron – This slot game is based on the Transformers franchise and the game has been developed by slot specialist IGT. The aim of the game is to spin the reels and save Cybertron from destruction by the evil Decepticons. Players will encounter various characters from the movies including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ratchet, Grimlock and Shockwave. There are free spins and mystery bonuses and it really is a great sci-fi slot.
  2. Alien Robots – This one is a bit more light-hearted but a ton of fun. This game has been developed by Net Entertainment and there are plenty of cute robots making an appearance on the reel. The game is a few years old now but still seems pretty popular with players and there are free spins and a really unique 243 ways to win. This is one not to be taken too seriously and you can find a beginner guide for the game by clicking the “?” symbol. Online slots don’t get much more fun than this!
  3. Spectra – If you’ve ever played Space Invaders or Galaxian then Spectra is definitely worth a few spins. There are plenty of sci-fi shapes and symbols to spin and the game looks fantastic with some really simple but engaging graphics and gameplay. Players can gamble from just 10p with a maximum bet of £100. There are wild respins to collect and soundtrack really is fantastic. It’s futuristic looking but also really easy to play so check it out.
  4. The Rift – The definition of a sci-fi slot and this game immediately reminded us of an episode of Doctor Who. This game has been created by the clever folks over at Thunderkick Gaming and there are strange things happening in the cobbled street that is displayed. Your objective is to stop various items being sucked into the gaping chasm by spinning the reels. There are loads of free games to play for and the soundtrack is excellent. Definitely a game for the sci-fi slot fan and you will find it on most major online casino sites.


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