Stan Lee wedding proposal at SVCC 2018

Some uplifting Stan Lee news seems in order as he helped make a difference in Julie and Santos' Con experience.

This past weekend the fan adored and legendary Stan Lee appeared at the 2018 Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, California.  While much of the fan base has since began talking about and debating the observed health and treatment of the Marvel Comic’s creator and 95 year old pop culture visionary, there was at least one amazing highlight that Stan ‘The Man’ Lee was able to be a willing and loving part of.

During one of Stan Lee’s numerous photo shoot opportunities for fans to meet and take a photo with Lee, a seemingly normal looking couple named Julie and Santos walked up to the legendary Godfather of all comic creators, and stood with Lee for their photo much like every other excited fan that day, with one big exception.

Santos decided that he was going to ask Julie, the woman he loved to marry him, much in the same way that he had met her two years prior. At the first Silicon Valley Comic Con, while he was coincidentally leaving that year’s photo op with Stan Lee.

The couple began dating soon afterwards, and even celebrated their first anniversary together at last year’s SVCC. But this year Santos had a master plan. Right after the couple posed for their photo with their favorite super hero of all, Santos gave Julie a beautiful pre-placed bouquet of flowers to her delight, followed by the customary bending of the knee to ask for her hand in marriage.

Realizing immediately what was happening, the blushing Julie emotionally put her hand over her mouth, and happily accepted Santos’ proposal of marriage. Even the very large,  scary, and stoic looking guard by Lee’s side could not help but smile as the entire photo op area erupted in applause and cheers.

While many of Stan Lee’s photos from this year’s SVCC might happen to show a seemingly tired and even over worked Stan Lee, this moment was clearly not one of them. Even Lee could not help but smile and be happy for the couple, saying, “That’s Great! I’m delighted that it happened here.

The clearly excited couple thanked Lee, as he ended their beautiful moment together by adding, “Come back in ten years for your anniversary.” With that the couple thanked everyone as they wiped tears from their eyes along with several others observing near by, as even Stan Lee began to clap along with everyone else looking on.

While there are many reports following this years SVCC regarding the worry exhibited by the comic and fan community over Stan Lee’s current state of affairs, it seems equally important to share some good news involving everyone’s favorite comic creator. We love you Stan and well done for helping these two fans find some happiness alongside you.

Congratulations to Julie & Santos on your engagement and well done to the promoters of SVCC for helping to make this convention experience one of a lifetime for these love birds. EXCELSIOR!!!

You can view Santos’ wedding proposal to Julie on You Tube by following the link below:


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