In Review: Star Wars Rebels – The Wynkahthu Job

The Rebels join forces with ruthless pirates to salvage a freighter full of weapons the Rebellion needs.

Synopsis: The Rebels join forces with ruthless pirates to salvage a freighter full of weapons the Rebellion needs. However, the mission turns out way more dangerous than they expected.

Review: This episode sees the rebels once again teaming with slimy pirate Hondo Ohnaka who is more cunning than he is ruthless when up against the rebels.

The job doesn’t turn out to be as straightforward as Ezra and his friends are led to believe and true to form Hondo hasn’t told them everything.

Things get bad when the reactivation of power on the ship that they are trying to rob activates the imperial security droids. And with Hondo fighting with his mate over how much of a share of the treasure they can each have. Things only go from bad to worse.

Much like last weeks episode. This is very much a by the numbers episode and a bit of a break from the ongoing story arc of this year. Taking centre stage throughout are Ezra, Zeb and Hondo, which is always fun given Zeb’s low tolerance for BS and the fact that he and Ezra are always fun when they are sniping at each other.

As ever Hondo and his shifty ways are a great source of comedy and when you factor in his ship mates. It creates even more comedy.

Like always the Rebels end up getting their share of the booty. In this case some weapons, but Hondo’s greed pays him no dividends other than perhaps a lesson in humility as one of his shipmates totally outsmarts him.

The animation and soundtrack were strong as ever on this, but the story was a little by the numbers and perhaps to much aimed at the younger side of the ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ audience. So good episode, just not great.

Star Wars Rebels - The Wynkahthu Job
  • The Good: An oportunity for Zeb and Ezra to bicker
  • The Bad: Story was a little to skewed to the younger audience
  • Story
  • Voice Acting
  • CGI Animation
  • Incidental Music

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