Still A Chance That ‘Superman’ Could Guest In ‘Supergirl’

Superman may get to do more than fly if 'Supergirl' gets a second season.

Although season two of ‘Supergirl’ is awaiting an official announcement. There is still a chance that the excecutive producers could be looking at a way to bring Supergirl’s cousin Superman in for an episode should that second season move ahead.

In a recent interview with TV Line Executive Producer Ali Adler revealed that she’d be open to having Superman show up in a bigger way than he has thus far. To date he has only made a few fleeting cameos in which we have not seen his face. Which means we have no idea what actor will likely play the role.

“It’s always a conversation,” she said. “I’ll come back to the answer that this is Supergirl’s show, and it’s her point of view.

“But he lives in our world, and at some point, we’d definitely like to meet him.”
Alder also said that she was optimistic about the series getting a second season, but has not heard anything concrete as yet.

“We heard very positive things, unofficially, from [CBS CEO] Les Moonves,” she said.

“[CBS executives] Glenn Geller and Bridget Wiley – they’ve all been very, very supportive. We’re definitely talking about season two looks like.”

Her comments echo those by star David Harewood, who told Digital Spy that things are looking “very positive” for the show.

“The fans have been vociferous and very vocal, so hopefully it’s enough to get us a second season,” he said.

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