The Walking Dead: ‘Abraham will clash with Rick’ says Cudlitz

'The Walking Dead' actor Michael Cudlitz has made some intriguing revelations about the new season.

‘The Walking Dead’ actor Michael Cudlitz has made some intriguing revelations about the new season.

While talking to Entertainment Weekly Cudlitz revealed that his character of Abraham and Rick Grimes are going to clash.

Abraham was introduced during the last season when he met Rick and the gang arrived at the mysterious town of Terminus.

The most recent trailers for the series has hinted at tension between the two characters and Cudlitz has since revealed a bit more detail, which shines a light on what has been seen thus far in the teasers for the series, which starts up again on October 12.

“Obviously, they weren’t agreeing in that moment [in the trailer] to say the least,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “Remember, Abraham is a sergeant. He’s a non-commissioned officer. He’s definitely mission-oriented, but it’s typically dealing with a smaller mission.”

The actor went on to say: “[Abraham is] not necessarily the guy who holds the keys to the big plan. There may or may not be tension with someone who wants to be the colonel or general because that’s not what he’s accustomed to doing. You give him a plan and he will absolutely execute it.

“That’s not to say that he can’t be the colonel or the general someday. It’s just saying that right now, he’s not. It doesn’t even come down to that. It comes down to making sure that this mission gets executed and making sure that Eugene (Josh McDermitt) gets to Washington. If someone else has a better plan that’s viable that will work, or a better way to do it, or to approach it – he’s not closed off to that.

“It’s not, ‘We’re going to DC my way’. It’s, ‘We’re going to DC, even though it might have to turn into my way at some point if tensions rise and people don’t cooperate’.”

The Walking Dead returns on October 12 on AMC in the US. FOX airs the show in the UK.


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