The Walking Dead midseason premiere title & photos

Millions of rabid Walking Dead fans eagerly await the show's midseason premiere, "Rock in the Road" this upcoming February 12th, 2017.

Millions of rabid Walking Dead fans eagerly awaiting the show’s midseason premiere on AMC this February, have only a few more weeks to wait until their favorite weekly zombie show returns to give them nightmares of the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Robert Kirkman’s megahit zombie series returns to television on Sunday, February 12th at 9:00 p.m., with the midseason premiere titled “Rock in the Road“. AMC has offered the following as the episode’s synopsis, “Rick and the group are led to a new community where they are introduced to its inhabitants and ruler. A familiar face resurfaces.”

While the synopsis itself offers little more than what was previously offered in the episode’s trailer, fans of the show can expect to see this episode find Rick being introduced to Ezekial and his community affectionately called, ‘The Kingdom’, while also being reunited with Daryl, Morgan and Carol.

What is most important about this episode would seem to be that it marks the beginning of what will in essence turn into war between Negan and those living under his oppressive rule. In “Rock in the Road“, Rick will begin to bring together Alexandria, the Hilltop as well as the Kingdom at the very least, in an alliance of free communities, finally working together to stand against the Saviors for the very future of what is left of humanity and those who have survived the zombie apocalypse.

And if the Walking Dead comics published by Image Comics are any indication of just how fierce the coming battles will be, fans of AMC’s Walking Dead series are in for a fun second half to season seven.

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