The Walking Dead’s Jordan Woods Robinson supports GLBT equality

AMC’s hit zombie drama show, The Walking Dead, deals with many important social issues within the show’s ongoing storyline and perhaps none is more poignant and timely than the love story between the...

AMC’s hit zombie drama show, The Walking Dead, deals with many important social issues within the show’s ongoing storyline and perhaps none is more poignant and timely than the love story between the program’s two openly gay characters Eric (Jordan Woods Robinson) and Aaron (Ross Marquand).

When viewed in light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision finding that Gay marriage is now finally legal throughout the United States, the apocalyptic love story between Eric and Aaron places The Walking Dead front and center into the ongoing battle against discrimination which the GLBT Community has been dealing with for far too long within American culture.

It seems that even in the zombie apocalypse true love can never be defined solely by gender or bigotry, as the Alexandria safe zone and walled off community within which both Eric and Aaron live has in fact accepted them as a gay couple. The fact of the matter is that the series creator Robert Kirkman, as well as the show’s producers and AMC itself have all recognized the validity and inherent fundamental equal rights of the GLBT community, by choosing to have the gay lifestyle survive the zombie apocalypse and be represented by some of the show’s most important and current characters.

I attended the Walker Stalker Con in Orlando, Florida this past June 27th and 28th, and Jordan Woods Robinson along with a multitude of other Walking Dead celebrities including Jordan’s on screen life partner Ross Marquand, were also featured guests at the much anticipated and very well attended zombie convention at the Orange County Convention Center.

I had the pleasure of meeting the very personable and warm Jordan Woods Robinson, and as an ‘Ally‘ to the GLBT cause, I took the opportunity to ask him his thoughts on the recent decision by the nation’s highest court as I recognized the symmetry of timing and the importance in having gay characters on main stream commercial programming.

I was personally very pleased to see that the actor, while quick to point out that this was his personal view  (as all Walking Dead actors must be very careful with what they say to media while they are still on the show); was not only very supportive of the Supreme Court’s decision, but also felt that it was long overdue.

While both he and his on screen partner, Ross Marquand, are in fact not gay in real life and both married with children, Robinson, was outwardly very supportive and proud of the figurative ‘Soupbox‘ as he put it, that his character represents to millions of fans of the hit AMC show, The Walking Dead.

Robinson went on to talk about the personal satisfaction he receives in portraying Eric on The Walking Dead because so many people and families, are adversely affected and impacted in the ongoing fight for GLBT rightsSo even as a straight man, having something as important and fundamental to portray as a Gay character on such an immensely popular and main stream show also means quite a bit to Robinson as he has seen first hand how hard it was for his own extended family to deal with similar issues.

I myself, much like Jordan Woods Robinson, am a very vocal and outwardly supportive ‘Ally‘ to the GLBT Community and wish to give the very talented and socially conscious actor a big thank you and congratulatory Well Done, for having the courage to do his part in order to further the rights of all of our brothers and sisters in the GLBT Community.

It is high time that we all stand up for the rights of millions of our fellow Americans who should no longer be discriminated against simply for choosing to follow their hearts by openly and freely loving the person they choose to spend the rest of their life with regardless of discrimination based on race, religion, age and finally, Gender!

Well Done Sir, and thank you also for being so kind and approachable to my young son Ryan, who was with me as well on the last day of the convention. I can only hope that your alter ego Eric, survives a bit longer on the cable network series than he did in The Walking Dead comic books!


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