Walking Dead: Rick and Morgan will clash in substantial ways

'Walking Dead' creator Robert Kirkman reveals that we will see more of Morgan's back-story this season.

Robert Kirkman has struck again with a few miner teases about the new season of ‘Walking Dead’.

According the comics writer and executive producer of the hit AMC series Rick and Morgan are going to clash in a big way.

he two characters, played by Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James respectively, have reunited in Alexandria, but shared a number of disagreements in season six’s opening episode.

“It’s interesting the way these two characters have gotten to know each other over time,” Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly. “Rick in some ways has more history with Morgan than he does with a lot of other characters in the show.

“But while there is a familiarity there, we do meet these characters somewhat as strangers – just because of everything Morgan has gone through that hasn’t been revealed yet, that may be revealed in a future episode.

“The fact that these two characters are so good at what they do and so acclimated to this world but in completely different ways – I don’t want to reveal too much, but it puts them at odds with each other in pretty substantial ways.

“It’s a product of this world and everything they have to deal with.”

When quizzed as to if this will mean we get to see more of Morgan’s back-story Kirkman said answers will be “coming”.

“It was certainly meant when Morgan showed up with all his stick-fighting skills for the audience to go, ‘OK, I don’t remember that guy having stick-fighting skills. What happened there?’,” he explained.

“You know there definitely is a story there, and it’s a story that will be told this season.”

‘The Walking Dead’ season six continues on AMC in the US and premieres tonight (October 12) on FOX in the UK.

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