William Shatner Up For Reprising Captain Kirk As Older Man

"When we finished our movies — the six movies I made — we were putting Kirk into glasses, graying hair, a little old."

Although the character was killed off in ‘Star Trek: Generations’ the character of Captain Kirk was well and truly resurrected in William Shatner’s series of novels for Pocket Books throughout the 90s and early 00’s.

In a recent chat to The Hollywood Reporters Awards Chatter Podcast Shatner was asked if he’d be happy to play Kirk again if he was asked to do so by Paramount or CBS.

“When we finished our movies — the six movies I made — we were putting Kirk into glasses, graying hair, a little old. I wrote a series of novels [in which] they allowed me to tell my story of Captain Kirk. So in a series of Star Trek novels, half a dozen of them, I — taking from my own life, of life and death and love and loss — I created this whole world of Star Trek for Captain Kirk,” he said. (Starting with 1995’s Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden, the Shatner co-authored Kirk books brought the character back to life in the era of Star Trek: The Next Generation.) “I would have loved to have done them [as movies],” he said.

The actor did take a few meetings in 2009 with ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ director J.J. Abrams, but for whatever reason these meetings did not end up returning Shatner to the ‘Star Trek’ universe, but the actor is not without hope of it some day happening.

“I would play an old Captain Kirk, absolutely,” he said. “You would have [to have] an interesting character, not a cameo, like ‘Here I am, aren’t I interesting?’ It’s the ongoing world, it’s the world within science-fiction. Yes, you age within the universe. Time goes on, but time bends, as well. There’s so many things you could do.”

You can check out the full audio of this interview here at Hollywood Reporter. Just hit play on the audio player at the bottom of their page.

Ian Cullen is the founder of scifipulse.net and has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy from birth. In the past few years he has written for 'Star Trek' Magazine as well as interviewed numerous comics writers, television producers and actors for the SFP-NOW podcast at: www.scifipulseradio.com When he is not writing for scifipulse.net Ian enjoys playing his guitar, studying music, watching movies and reading his comics. Ian is both the founder and owner of scifipulse.net You can contact ian at: ian@scifipulse.net
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