I specifically enjoyed Ottman's take on Beethoven with the track 'Beethoven Havok'. The way in which that sound scoring melds straight into 'Contacting Eric/Answer' was fantastic.

Description: Sony Classical proudly announce the release of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of X-Men: Apocalypse, featuring music by John Ottman. The soundtrack will be available digitally on May 20, and on CD on June 17. X-Men: Apocalypse will arrive in theatres nationwide on May 27. Out now in the UK and other select European countries.

Review: Released this last week is the awesome soundtrack for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ which is the latest work of BAFTA winning composer John Ottman.

The orchestral soundtrack is an emotionally charged journey through the different situations and action beats that fans will see in the movie.

Ottman’s score is a masterclass in how to score for the superhero genre.

The music is a solid blend of both classical and contemporary soundscapes.

I specifically enjoyed Ottman’s take on Beethoven with the track ‘Beethoven Havok’. The way in which that sound scoring melds straight into ‘Contacting Eric/Answer’ was fantastic.

The mix of synth, classical instruments and vocal performance on this soundtrack is awe inspiring and really takes you out of this world and into the world of the X-Men. It is very noticable onMoira’s Discovery / Apocalypse Awakes’ which gradually builds like any good soundtrack should.

Overall this latest soundtrack from Ottman very much keeps with the movies dark and edgy action beats. We have some great emphasis on the action as well as attention paid to the films quieter moments in which our heroes are having serious doubts on whether or not they will be able to defeat Apocalypse.

The use of vocal choir arrangements throughout this soundtrack work really well to emphasis on some of the dark ritualistic stuff that Apocalypse is using in order to gain his followers and seduce new blood into his ranks.

Many of the soundtracks best elements focus on Magneto’s character. Especially when used to provide a soundscape for the characters new life.

Irrespective of if you enjoy the X-Men films or not. I think most will enjoy elements of this soundtrack.

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